group 4 2008 Noeuds 1 - 3
2008 Noeuds 1
(white on black)

2008 Noeuds 2
(only outline)

2008 Noeuds 2
(only outline, coloured)

2008 noeuds 3
(black on whites)

Like in any other font, the
"black" surfaces can be
formatted in any desired

These three fonts can be used to compose diagonally structured "celtic" knotwork patterns using only 26 (without rotation and empty ones only 7) square elements. The number of possibilities is unlimited. Only the following keys contain symbols:

2008 Noeuds 1


If you touch another key than the described ones, your text program might switch into the default font.

Before composing a knot ornament, make sure that the line spacing in the "paragraph" menu is set on "simple" and that no supplementary line gap is inserted after a change of paragraph. Otherwise, your knot might be interrupted by white horizontal lines.

Knot rectangles from 1x1 to 5x5:

The easiest way to these rectangular knot fields is using  the numeral field on your keypad. "Num Lock" must be on. A new line is inserted pressing the "paragraph" or "enter" key. The "space" key inserts an empty white square.

These examples have been
composed with "2008
Noeuds 3".

Variations of the knot square 5 x 5 

The elements completing
the standard square shapes
to simple knotwork borders
consist of forms only filling
half a square, so the
remaining rest forms an
empty white line.
These knots can only be
closed as a frame.

Knotwork borders:

Layout Examples:

The text in the following
example was inserted using
a text field. Alternatively,
you can convert your knot
ornament into a picture
file and insert it "behind the

According to knot dimen-
sions, screen resolution and
graphic interface, the knots
might show white gaps
between the individual
elements (usually of a one
pixel width). See the right
column of the example.
After conversion into a
picture format, these areas
can be corrected manually.