group 1Group 4: Own inventions
The 21 Fonts of own invention are based on hand drawn or hand written sketches without any direct reference to historic models. Those who can be used for longer texts usually have names of Roman authors. Other fonts are named after formal observations or just bear phantasy names.
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The models are composed with the actual KPS fonts.

4. Inventions
download4_cato2002 Cato
Heavy, narrow Antiqua

Free hand broad pen hand with elements of "Romanesque" manuscripts.
Contains some automatic ligatures.
download4_Albertus2013 Albertus
Narrow Broad Pen Antiqua
Simple titling font with cursive elements.
No features.

New 11.12.13
download4_vitruvius2002 Vitruvius
Broad nib Antiqua for titles
Hand written, bold broad nib antiqua with bastarda elements, useful as title font for 2002 Horatius and 1999 Livius. The f ligatures are inserted automatically.
download4_epona2003 Epona
Hand written Antiqua with elements of ottonian minuscules
This is a trial of a hand written fusion style font for the 2003 Linotype Contest (without success), called after the Gallo-Roman horse goddess. As automatic ligatures there are only fi and fl.
download4_cicero2000 Cicero
Decorative Antiqua for Titling
Early KPS Font containing some automatic ligatures.
download4_plinius2000 Plinius
Antiqua with Renaissance elements
Contains automatic ligatures, optional long s, small capitals (contained in the standard file) and eastern European accents. This font comes with an italic variation in one zip file.
download4_livius1999 Livius
Antiqua with Baroque elements
Contains automatic f ligatures and the amplified eastern code page, as well as some custom symbols such as numerals in circles (1 – 20; automatic if the numbers are typed between parenthesis). Other features are Titling Capitals (Stylistic Set 1), Small Capitals (Stylistic Set 2), Italic (Stylistic Set 3), Bold (Stylistic Set 4), Roman Numerals (Stylistic Set 10). The zip download contains those variations also in seperate files.
download4_seneca2000 Seneca
"Copperplate" Antiqua with neoclassical elements
Exceedingly expanded version of the old "pointed nib Antiqua" (KPS Spitzfeder) containing automatic ligatures and small capitals, the complete code page for all eastern European languages, Baltic, Turkish, Cyrillic, ancient and modern Greek. Comes in one zip file with an italic version which is not yet expanded.
download4_horatius2002 Horatius
Hand written Antiqua with elements of Carolina and Bastarda

The model was a parchment manuscript book from the own workshop. Contains all symbols for modern Greek and some automatic Latin ligatures and variants.
download4_ovidius1999 Ovidius
Wide manuscript cursive
Former KPS Hand with some new modifications (cleaned outlines, automatic ligatures, eastern European accents, Baltic, Turkish, modern Greek).
download4_vergilius2010 Vergilius
Goose quill Hand combining elements from Carolingian and personal forms
after an own manuscript book on parchment.
Contains many automatic alternates and ligatures.
download4_iris2004 Iris
Vertical broad nib italic with Cancellaresca elements
Main hand for the explanations in "Kleine Schreibschule" (KPS 1996), made for layout trials of new sheets and translations. Contains automatic ligatures for ff, fi, fl and ft and the Arabic words  "sarif" and "qalam".
download4_Linear2013 Linear
Linear Italic Hand
Felt written for small grades.
No features.

New 11.12.13
download4_stylus1999 Stylus
Ball Pen Hand
Trial for a rapid monolinear half cursive (formerly KPS Fein), useful for very tiny dimensions. Automatic are the ligatures ff, fi, ft and tt.
download4_xenophon2009 Xenophon
Sans serif semi cursive with experimental ligatures
Contains many automatic ligatures and contextuals, as well as all symbols for ancient and modern Greek.
download4_pointu2010 Pointu
Broad nib hand with exaggerated points
Contains ligatures and contextual variants. The line gap should be held very tight, about 10 % narrower than the font dimension (for instance, exactly 32 points for the 36 point degree).
download4_gouttes2010 Gouttes
Brush hand with drop shapes
Experimental font containing many ligatures and contextuals.
download4_labyrinthe2010 Labyrinthe
Synthetic right angle linear alphabet
Geometrical, ornamental font of a "Cufic" type with experimental automatic contextual variants and reduced legibility. The distance between the lines should be small enough to show regular patterns in vertical and horizontal directions.
download4_knoten2008 Noeuds
Elements for the composition of "Celtic" knotwork
The knot ornaments are partitioned into small square elements which can be recomposed using the numeral field and very few other keys. The series contains three variations enclosed in one zip file (black on white, white on black, only outlines). Only Windows TrueType, no features.
download4_filigrane2010 Filigrane
Linear alphabet based on parabolic curves and "soldered joints"
The symbols of this font are supposed to look like made out of wire and put together like a watermark.
The model was composed out of individual characters using image software.