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KPS-Fonts - Klaus-Peter Schäffel's Computer Fonts

The KPS Fonts are a series of 70 OpenType computer fonts with PostScript outlines for PC and Mac.
The KPS Fonts
come in four groups: palaeographic, typographic, own interpretations, own inventions.
The KPS Fonts
can be easily distinguished by the fact that their names start with a year.
    So the whole set is listed at the very beginning of your computer's font list.  
The KPS Fonts
contain a huge number of historic glyphs like long s and its ligatures.
The KPS Fonts
are featured with automatic ligatures and other special functions.
    These can be used in all programs supporting OpenType Features.   
The KPS Fonts are free.

Examples for the available KPS Fonts:
One sample for each one of the four groups. At the left side you find the links to more fonts, downloads and instructions.
The samples have been composed with the actual KPS fonts.
more 11. Paläographische Fonts
download0864 Folchart0864 Folchart
Carolingian Minuscule
from the Folchart-Psalter, about 864/883.
Stiftsbibliothek St. Gallen, Cod. Sang. 23.
many alternates and contextual forms,
automatic ligatures and latin abbreviations.
more 22. Typographisc Fonts
download1455 Gutenberg1455 Gutenberg B42
Gothic Textura, incunabula type
Alphabet from the 42 line Gutenberg Bible.
Contains all 390 glyphs of the original plus the usual modern symbols, altogether 515 forms.
The ligatures and contextuals are inserted automatically; the discretionary ligature feature offers some latin abbreviations.
more 33. Interpretations
download1999 Anglaise1999 Anglaise 1
Copperplate Hand, written with a pointed nib
After own hand written models.
Contains initial, connected, final and decorated forms and a copperplate Antiqua. Different combinations are possible for automatic insertion.
more 44. Inventions
download2002 Horatius2002 Horatius
Hand written Antiqua with elements of Carolingian and Bastarda
After a parchment manuscript from the own workshop.
Contains glyps for modern Greek and some automatic latin ligatures and alternates.